May 20, 2015

 Precious pictures from Waigal valley and Wama displaying Nuristani culture's different dimensions, 1970-1976 

Nuristani house wall design & construction

 Community elders discussion (Waigal) 

Carpenter tools

Young boys playing their traditional game hockey (Agher waigal)

Nuristani lady with traditional cloth

Construction work done jointly by family members

House wall

Boys singing and dancing (Neshegrram)

Carpenter designing and carving a traditional horn chair 

Influential elders (Waigal & Wama)

Traditional Nuristani houses

Banderchem , Waigal

Women caravan, Waigal


Vine storage, Inderkun, Wama

Colony, Neshegram

Carving Artist, Waigal

Women plowing the agriculture land

Earthen containers, Waigal

Playing hockey 


Carving Artist, Waigal