Feb 19, 2013

Amazing and Mysterious Photographs

Shaheed Omar Mokhtar before execution

Shaheed Omar Mokhtar

Shaheed Omar Mokhtar

Syed Jamaluddine Afghani



National Hero

Ahmad Shah Masoud in the Mountains of Nuristan

Ahmad Shah Masoud in Nuristan

Nuristani Mujahideen

Pacha Khan and Ghandi Jee

The Legend Bruce Lee

Nomad Karawan

Musabeqah Tokhum Jangi

National Game Buzkhashi

Eid Festival in 1980, Kabul

Musabeqai khoros Jangi

Nuristani Mujahed with his Daughter

Nuristani Young Mujahedeen in 1980s

Herat Bastani

Ahmad shah Masoud with Qoomandan Obaidullah Nuristani

American Troops in Waigal Valley

Nuristani Mujahedine in 1980s

Nuristani Mujahedine in a gathering

young children welcoming Mujahedine

Ahmad Shah Masoud in Nuristan

Zane Afhani der Borqah

Nuristani Musicians

Afghani Women in her Wedding Party

والي نورستان يا فرعون زمان

Source: Collected by Abdul Wahid Nuristani